Answer to most common questions.

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Is the bot working?

Yes, but it is slower than before since it checks every 5 min now.

How do I use this bot?

Check out this link

Why am I not receiving a message back instantly from the bot?

Due to Rogue now adding rate limiting (blocking the bot from accessing the page content after certain amount of tries), the bot has been changed to a delay of 5 min. Because of this change, the bot will not be as fast the previous 30 sec check. You will also receive the FIRST CHECK message after 5 min because of this. Therefore, it is highly possible for the bot to miss high demand items such as boneyard, color plate echos, etc. However, the bot will be very helpful in securing less in demand items effectively.

I did not receive an instock message but I am searching the item and it was instock just before. What happened?

Since it is against Facebook's terms of use of spamming people, they prevent bots from sending messages to users if they have not messaged the page within 24 hours. Therefore, all you have to do is message the bot once every 24 hours. Simply type 'status' every morning and night and you will be good to go!

How can I check if the bot is down?

Type 'status' and if the bot does not respond within 30 sec then it is down

The item I was looking for restocked but I did not receive a message, what happened?

There are two possibilites. First, there was most likely a server reset and your searches were cleared. Second, the item you were looking for was very high in demand, and it sold out too quick for the bot to check. This is because since the bot checks every 5 min, if the bot checked an item at 4:30 PM, but the item restocked at 4:31PM and sold out at 4:34PM, then you won't receive a message since the bot will check again at 4:35PM.

How do I request items?

Email me at roguestockbot@gmail.com. Currently only adding Rogue items.

Do I need to research my items every time there's a reset?


What's a reset?

Every Sunday I reset the server to add updates/new items. This means that all item searches and reset and you will need to add your searches again. There are sometimes emergency resets if there's a major bug and I will make a post on Facebook everytime this happens.

Have feedback or suggestions? Missing any FAQ?

Email me at roguestockbot@gmail.com