Bot Guide

Tutorial of the Rogue Stock Bot commands.

Youtube Tutorial

How to use

1) Go to current items to check supported items along with corresponding commands

Ex: the command for "Rogue Color Echo Bumper Plates" is "plate echo color"

2) DM the the FB Bot messenger here with each search command from above

So in this step you type "plate echo color" and press enter to the FB bot

3) Wait for 1st reply back to confirm the search. The bot will now reply back whenever there's a stock update.

Commands and examples


Lists all Rogue items that can be searched for along with URLs.


Lists the current items being searched and for how long.


Stops searching for all items.

Searching items

Look up what item you are searching from "help" command and type that into bot. There will be a small delay before the first response. This will check the current items in stock and continually check in the background until there is a change in stock.

When the stock of an item changes you will receive a message indicating with a green check mark what items are in stock.