Introducing the simple messenger bot
for checking Rogue equipment inventory

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Completely optional and this bot will remain free!

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10/25 8:00PM EST

v 2.9

  • Added new items

10/11 2:00PM EST

v 2.8

  • Added new items

10/1 10:00PM EST

v 2.7

  • Deep dish plates added

9/13 7:00PM EST

v 2.6

  • Changed delay to 10 seconds
  • Updated to bypass rate limiting check hopefully for now

9/6 8:00PM EST

v 2.5

  • Added new items
  • Added FAQ section

8/30 11:00PM EST

v 2.4

  • Added new items
  • Updated stock updates page to load faster

8/23 8:00PM EST

v 2.3

  • Updated bot to have a 5 min cooldown between checks
  • Bot is now less reliable due to Rogue's rate limiting

8/2 3:00PM EST

v 2.2

  • Added new items
  • Updated in stock items to be more detailed

7/26 3:00PM EST

v 2.1

  • Added new items
  • All CA Links are now supported

7/19 10:30PM EST

v 2.0

  • Added new items including Ironmaster
  • Updated /current-items to be easier to navigate
  • Included Youtube video tutorial on website

7/12 10:30PM EST

v 1.9

  • Added new items
  • Included last time in stock feature in 'status'

7/5 7:00PM EST

v 1.8

  • Added new items
  • Merged CA links to US links
  • Added number of users searching to /current-items
  • Can now stop single items with "stop item" ex. "stop plate echo color"

6/28 11:30PM EST

v 1.7

  • Added new items
  • Upgraded from AWS EC2 t2.small to t2.medium

6/21 10PM EST

v 1.6

  • Updated bot guide to be more helpful
  • Fixed grab bag barbells
  • Included loadable dumbbells and other items

6/14 10PM EST

v 1.5

  • Fixed cerakote options and customizable items such as Monster Utility Bench 2.0
  • Skips items no one is looking for to improve speed
  • Added new items including AU/UK items

Message Alerts

When item is back in stock, will PM you with what items are in stock.

Refresh Rate

Checks items every 30 seconds for most up to date stock.

10 Item Limit

Limits users to ten items and prevents server from overloading.


No cost to use at all.



Power Racks

Echo Bike



Squat Stands